Visiting Places at Denmark

Denmark is a destination that is desirable "add-on" to vacations focused on other European countries. While short on "world class tourist destinations", Denmark offers the traveler a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of Europe's more popular countries for tourism. The Danes are a wonderful and warm people and you suspect that after your visit, you will remember the country as a great place for good food, good company and touring at an unhurried pace.

There are many tourists destination in Denmark. Let's take a closer look at the major places of visit in Denmark.


Aalborg (also called Ålborg) is considered the fourth largest city of Denmark. The 2006 census showed its population to be approximately 121,540. Visiting Aalborg must be on your itinerary on your Denmark Tour.

The history of the city goes back to more than a thousand years. Aalborg was originally called Alabu. Its proof lies in a coin that dates back to 1040. During the Middle Ages it prospered as a harbor, being in close proximity to Limfjord. Since then it has made much progress. Privileges were given to the town in 1342. Later in 1940, when Germany invaded Denmark, the paratroopers took over the Aalborg Aerodrome.

Sight Seeing
Your Aalborg Tour would be incomplete without visiting the various tourist destinations in Aalborg. Some of the places of visit are:

  • Aalborghus Castle (or Aalborghus Slot)
  • Jens Bang's House
  • Budolfi Church
  • Aalborgtårnet
  • Aalborg Historical Museum

Besides this, there is also a carnival for children held every year in the last week of May, around the 21st. You will find the Jomfru Ane Gade very interesting. It is a street and is often simply called "Gaden" meaning The Street. The street is famous for the many restaurants and cafes. Denmark Tourism will surely make your holiday to Aalborg a memorable one.


Aarhus is considered the second largest city of Denmark. It is also Denmark's main port. Also known as Århus, Aarhus is located on Jutland, a peninsula. When you visit Denmark, you must make this wondrous place as one of your must-see destinations.

History dates Aarhus to 951. In fact archaeological excavations have revealed that the city is more than 1300 years old. Considered as the oldest city in Scandinavia, this city grew rapidly since the 1800s and after the industrial revolution, expanded owing to the presence of its harbor. Trade and commerce flourished.

Sight Seeing
Sightseeing must be part of your agenda on your Aarhus tour. These may range from museums, amusement parks to churches. Some of the tourist destinations of Aarhus are:

  • Dyrehaven
  • ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum
  • Church of Our Lady
  • Marselisborg Palace
  • Botanisk Have
  • Tivoli Friheden, amusement park
  • Århus City Hall

There are many more places of interest. Visiting Aarhus will only add fun and learning to your Demark Tour. Be sure to visit this beautiful city of forests, hills and meadows.


Bornholm is a beautiful island of Denmark, which lies in the Baltic Sea. TheBornholm Regional Municipality has taken over the island completely. In fact, besides Frederiksberg and Copenhagen, it is the third Danish municipality that does not belong to a County. The industries that flourish here are dairy farming, pottery, glass making, and fishing. Be sure to visit Bornholm on your tour to Denmark.

The island was previously called Borghund or Borghand. Both names are associated with Old Norse, which mean mountain, rock, height and berg, since the island is at a height from the Baltic Sea.

It was found that this island was formed owing to a volcanic eruption that tooks place almost 1700 million years ago. In fact archaeological findings have revealed that there have been inhabitants here since 3600 BC. The mounds that were found suggest burials, the engravings of symbols, and ships carved into the rocks, suggest the presence of human life in the Bronze Age (1800-500 BC). There is also a probability of civilization of an earlier period since these engravings of ships indicate their function to be sea maps for the seaman.

Sight Seeing
There are a number of tourist destinations in Bornholm. The island of Bornholm is famous for its churches. There are 15 churches which were built during the Medieval Ages. Among them, four are round. The architecture as well as the work of art on them are unique and captivating.

Besides the churches, there are also various pieces of architecture belonging to the 19th and 20th centuries. You'll be especially awe-stricken to find approximately 300 houses of wood in the regions of Nexø and Rønne. Sweden had donated these during the Second World War. It was a time when there was a lot of repairing taking place owing to the damages caused by the war.

You will also be mesmerized by the ruins of the Hammershus castle that are located towards the north-west tip of Bornholm. The castle is the largest in North Europe. You can make your Demark Tour even more fun-filled by a short stop at this beautiful island of Bornholm. This island is bustling with life and energy especially during the summer months since that is when tourism is at its peak.


Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark. It is one of the most magnificent cities of Scandinavia as well as one of the oldest in Europe. Denmark Tourism endeavors to make your Denmark Tour fun-filled. One of its places of visit is Copenhagen. You are sure to enjoy your stay here.

It was during the Viking Age that Copenhagen emerged as a harbor city. There was a fishing village called "Havn", meaning harbor. In the mid-12th Century, after Bishop Absalon took charge of the place, it gained importance. Soon this harbor became a significant port for trade and commerce. Since then it had been under attack by many countries, especially Germany, Britain, and Sweden. Soon in the 1850s the city expanded and the old defense mechanism was done away with. With the expansion the population also grew. World War II saw Copenhagen as well the Denmark as a whole, being taken over by the Germans. They only became free on 4th May 1945. Since then, the city of Copenhagen has expanded and made good progress.

Sight Seeing
Your travel to Copenhagen, Denmark would be incomplete if you do not sightsee. There are innumerable places of visit, some of which are:

  • Copenhagen Opera House
  • Arken Museum of Modern Art
  • The Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen harbor
  • Tivoli Gardens, an amusement park
  • Copenhagen Zoo
  • Rosenborg Castle


Esbjerg was once considered the largest fishing harbor of Denmark. At present, it still is an important economic factor for the progress of the city. In fact, it is Denmark's primary city for offshore activities as well as oil. Besides this, the city also houses one of the branches of the Aalborg University. Be sure to stop by Esbjerg on your tour to Denmark.

In 1868, Denmark's most significant harbor around the North Sea, Altona was replaced when the city of Esberg was set up around that region. It was in 1874, when it was linked via rail to Varde and Fredericia.

Sight Seeing
The city is famous for its harbor for the Danish North Sea. There is a ferry service which connects the city to Harwich, which lies across the North Sea, to England by DFDS Seaways, and to Nordby, which lies in the Fanø island across Ho Bay by Scandlines.


Holstebro is an ancient town towards the northwest of Jutland. It is primarily a center for commerce and industry, which includes the manufacture of wood, furniture, iron, machines, processed food, chemicals and textiles. Besides this, there are also museums, theaters and a technical collage. Be sure to make a stop over at Holstebro on your tour to Denmark.

The city of Holstebro emerged from a crossing near the Storåen, also called The Large River. In later years, a bridge was constructed. It is believed that the city got its name from holdested ved broen, which means "a resting place by the bridge." The name was first coined by Bishop Thyge of Ribe. In 1274 he used the name in one of his letters. An unfortunate fire spread to many parts of the town in 1552, completely devastating the buildings. In the 16th Century, the merchants from this region started trading with Netherlands. However, there was a decline in the economy in the 17th Century. With the growing need for industry in the 19th Century, and the expansion of Struer port, there was again growth and development.

Sight Seeing
Tourist Destinations in Holstebro are a must see. Some of them are: Cultural Centers Peter Schaufuss Ballet is the most popular ballet company, while Odin Teatret is excellent for the theater.
The museums include:

  • Holstebro Art Museum
  • Holstebro Museum
Holstebro Festive Week
This is a cultural festival that is held every year in the latter part of summer.
Kayaking and Canoeing A recreational activity that can be enjoyed by all sports lovers is Kayaking and Canoeing. Tourists can indulge in this sport in the 100 kilometer River Storåen. This is especially enjoyed during the summer months as well as the beginning of autumn. The sport is usually permitted from the 15th of June to the 31st of October.
These are just a few places of visit and activities that are held here. There are many more in store for the tourist. Denmark Tourism endeavors to make your tour of Holstebro a pleasant and memorable one.


Kolding, Denmark is a center for commerce, trade, manufacturing, and transportation. Machinery, textiles are manufactured, besides the presence of shipping companies. You must surely visit Kolding on your tour to Denmark.

There are two dates which are of importance to the history of Kolding. These are:
25th December 1658
It was on this date when the Battle of Kolding took place. This battle took place between Charles X Gustav of Sweden and the combined forces of Stefan Czarniecki of Denmark and the Polish. The former was defeated.
23rd April 1849
It was during First War of Schleswig when a battle took place between Germany and Denmark.

Sight Seeing
There are loads of tourist destinations in Kolding. These include: Museet på Koldinghus It is a municipal museum, which is situated in castle, that previously used to be a royal palace. The museum houses various artifacts, and breathtaking collections of gold and silver. You'll be mesmerized by the rich Danish art that date back to the Middle Ages and continue till the 1940s.
Evangelical Lutheran Church
King Eric Klipping of the 13th Century constructed this church, which was originally a royal castle at Koldinghus. Part of this castle is a museum. The hall and chapel are at time used for certain ceremonies organized by the government.
Church of Saint Nicholas
This church which was constructed in the 13th century.
The other tourist attractions are:

  • Trapholt art museum
  • Geografisk Have
Holstebro Festive Week
If you are looking for an insightful, fun-filled holiday Kolding, Denmark is the place to be.


Odense is considered the third largest and one of the oldest cities of Denmark . The census taken on 1st January 2007 shows its population to be 158,453. Be sure to visit the city of Odense on your tour to Demark.

The 16th Century saw Odense being used a place of meeting. Till 1805, this was where the provincial assembly of Funen would sit.
The city is famous for its tower, Odinstårnet also called The Odin Tower. This tower as built in 1935 and is the second tallest in Europe after Eiffel Tower. Tragically this colossal tower was bombed in 1944 by the Danish Nazi. Today what stands there is only a small model of it. Prior to the Danish industrial revolution, Odense was considered the second largest city of Denmark. However, it recently lost its position to Aarhus.

Sight Seeing
The tourist Destinations in Odense range from museums, to churches, palaces, and theaters.
The churches which will leave you awe-struck are:

  • Saint Canute's Cathedral
  • Saint Knud's Cathedral
  • Our Lady's Church
  • Saint Albani Church
  • Saint Hans Church
  • Vor Frue Church
You'll feel like an intellectual once you visit the many museums here. Some of them are:
  • Carl Nielsen Museum
  • Hans Christian Andersen Museum
  • City Museum Møntergården
  • Funen Art Museum
King Frederick IV built the beautiful Odense Palace. It was here where is passed away in 1730. Besides the theater, there is also a symphony orchestra. The other attractions include:
  • Hans Christian Andersen's Childhood home
  • The Funen Village
Denmark Tourism has tried in every way to make its tourists feel like home. The many places of visit for them are indeed fun. Odense is sure to add to that exciting experience.


Viborg is a town, in which Midtjylland and Viborg municipality are located. Jutland's High Court and Western High Court are also present here. The place is famous for its cathedrals and monasteries. It has gained the name by joining two words, Berg, which means hill, and Wii, which means Holy Place. Viborg should be on your itinerary on your Denmark Tour.

Sight Seeing
The tourist destinations in Viborg are mostly cathedrals, churches, monasteries.
The Cathedral here is what makes the town famous. Construction began in the year 1130 and continued till the next 50 years. Unfortunately, this structure was burned completely. Several attempts have been made to rebuild it. However, what remains of the original construction is the crypt. The latest parts date back to 1876. The Cathedral is famous as it houses Joakim Skovgaard, the Danish painter's paintings which portray anecdotes from the Bible. Joakim Skovgaard Museum is very close to the Cathedral.
Prior to the Protestant Reformation, there were 5 monasteries. One was meant for the Augustine brothers, the other for the Augustine sisters. Another was a Franciscan monastery, while the fourth was a Dominican monastery. The Knights Hospitaller was the fifth monastery.
Viborg is a beautiful place to visit in Denmark. Be sure to stop by to this delightful town.


Billund, a municipality of the Ribe County. You will find the headquarters of the Lego Group here. A stop at Billund should surely be on your itinerary for you tour to Denmark.

Sight Seeing
There are many tourist Destinations in Billund. These places of visit includes lakes and plantations. Some of them are: Volmars Have The Volmars Have is a beautiful garden that extends to more than 2.7 acres. There are three lakes, which provides a home to both frogs and fish. This extensive garden, which is filled with trees, fountains, rhodonedrons, and is perfect for a relaxing evening.
Skaero Lake This beautiful lake is considered one of the cleanest lakes of the country of Denmark. Heathland and forests surround it.
Hollund Sogard Estate The Danish Health Society is responsible for this plantation. In the midst of this vast plantation is the Dalgas statue. It was scuplt by Anders Bundgard and finally placed at this point by Holger Petersen.
The other places of visit include:

  • Grindsted Engso Lake
  • Grene Sade
  • Seven Years Lake
  • Randbol Hede
  • Himmelpind
  • If you are looking for a relaxing holiday to spend by a lake or in the midst of greenery, Billund, Denmark is the place to be.
Holstebro Festive Week
This is a cultural festival that is held every year in the latter part of summer.
Kayaking and Canoeing A recreational activity that can be enjoyed by all sports lovers is Kayaking and Canoeing. Tourists can indulge in this sport in the 100 kilometer River Storåen. This is especially enjoyed during the summer months as well as the beginning of autumn. The sport is usually permitted from the 15th of June to the 31st of October.
These are just a few places of visit and activities that are held here. There are many more in store for the tourist. Denmark Tourism endeavors to make your tour of Holstebro a pleasant and memorable one.